Dear Diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count.

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Since 2004, the amount of money owed by U.S. college graduates entering the workforce has more than tripled

Graphic: Doug Stevens / Los Angeles Times

"The Love Cats" just came on my iTunes and now I want to watch D.E.B.S., which isn’t really any different from any other day…


Tumblr celebrates Earth Day

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Hallstatt, Austria | EGRA : ЕГРА

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sometimes I make bad life choices.

eating delicious Easter cotton candy in the shape of… get this… “cotton tails.” it’s perfect. a tasty pun. also, readily not doing work. which is bad. I know. but my mind/body doesn’t care for some reason. which is new for me. lalala youtube videos. and stuffing my face. am I in denial? is this a phase? hmm.

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